Thursday, October 18, 2012


Sweet Sundal

Navaratri / Navratri means nine nights in Sanskrit Language, Nava means nine and Ratri means night. During these nine nights and ten days, nine forms of Hindu Goddess are worshipped. Navratri is a very famous festival in india. In south india, it is customary to display Golu ( Exhibition of Various dolls and figurines in odd numbered tires ( Shelves ). When people come to visit a person's house to see the Golu / Kolu, usually they are given prasad ( the offering given to god ) and a small bag of gift. Normally we make Sundal ( South indian style salad ) as prasad. Sundal is made either sweet or savory. Here is a traditional PASI PAYARU Sweet SUNDAL / MOONG DAL  Sweet Sundal recipe .......

Ingredients :

Moong Dal / Green Gram - 1 Cup
Jaggery - Little more than 1/2 Cup
Grated Coconut - 1/4 Cup
Elachi Powder - 1/2 Teaspoon
Ghee ( Clarified Butter ) - 1 Teaspoon

Method :

Heat a pan, and dry roast the moong dal for about 6 to 8 minutes, in medium flame, stirring continuously. Then add about 2 & 1/4 Cup of water to it and cook for 5 whistles in pressure cooker until firm and soft ( in low flame ) Take care not to over cook. 

Heat pan add jaggery, add little water and allow it to boil, once the jaggery gets dissolved in the water. Filter it, to remove any dust from it. Again pour the jaggery water and allow it to boil ( keep the flame in medium ) keep stirring, once this mixture gets slightly thick, check the consistency by adding drops of jaggery syrup in a cup of water, if the syrup doesn't dissolve in the water ( and if u gather the jaggery syrup in your fingers it should form a soft ball ) then that's the right consistency, now add the cooked moong dal, elachi powder, ghee to it and mix well. Lastly add grated coconut to it and mix well. 
Tasty and yummy Pasipayaru Sundal / Moong dal Sundal is ready to be served.

This is an ideal evening snack, so you need not wait for navarathri to try this sundal, you can make it any time to enjoy it, as it doesn't require any soaking time, and can be prepared easily and quickly.

Notes :

Take care not to over cook the dal.
If you feel the sundial is little wet, then cook for some more time, stirring continuously until the water is fully absorbed. 


  1. I too posted this. We love this sundal :)

  2. Wow amazing click... N lovely sundal.. Just love it.

    Event: Dish name starts with P

  3. I have come across your blog very recently.. And I must say its a very good collection of traditional recipes.. Kindof one stop shop for all my South Indian cravings..

    I like this simple recipe.. hopefully will try it sooner than I think.. ;)


  4. Sundal looks yummy.. simple and tasty..

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