Sunday, May 20, 2012

Phulka / Puffed Indian Bread

I Love roti/phulka more than rice. I learnt the art of making soft phulkas from my MIL, she makes super soft phulkas in no time. I used to assist her when she makes phulkas, so took her tips and followed it, now I'm happy that I getting soft well puffed phulkas. From my experience It's not a rocket science, its very easy to make just few things to be kept in mind. Make sure to follow the points I have given in the notes section. Here is the recipe....

Ingredients :

About - 6 to 8 Phulka's

Whole wheat Flour - 1 & 1/2 Cups
Salt - 3/4 Teaspoon
* Water - 150 ML

Method :

Take a mixing bowl add water and salt, then add flour and mix (if you feel the dough is sticky sprinkle little flour) and knead well for about 10 minutes to a soft pliable dough. Keep it covered with a wet cloth for about 15 to 20 minutes.

When you are about to make phulkas, divide the dough equally and make lemon sized balls out of it, roll it evenly. Mean while heat a skillet/griddle.

Put the rolled phulka on the griddle/skillet, and cook in medium flame for a minute or until the top starts drying and small bubbles/white spots starts to appear, turn over and cook for 30 seconds. Make sure it is half cooked (not fully cooked)
Take out the phulka which is now half cooked and put it directly to the flame (high flame) when it puffs up fully, turn over the phulka and cook the other side for a 2 seconds and remove from fire. Serve immediately with your favorite sabzi and raitha.

When you are packing phulkas for lunch, apply little ghee after removing from griddle, when it cools down, Pack for lunch.

I am sure you will love the very soft phulka.

Notes :

* I have given the water measurement approximately, sprinkle some more water if you feel the dough is hard or sprinkle dough if you feel the dough is sticky. Some flour requires more water, some requires less, so adjust accordingly.

Make sure you knead the flour with your hands at least for about minimum 10 minutes. 

Keep it covered for at least 20 minutes (minimum) 

Make sure you roll the balls evenly, even if you don't get the round shape is also ok, but rolling it evenly is the key.

When u cook the phulkas in griddle/skillet make sure it is not completely cooked, it has to be half cooked only, don't over cook it. make sure to remove from griddle if its starts drying and small bubbles/white spots are forming. (if it is less cooked also it will not puff up nicely)

If it doesn't puff up nicely the first time, don't give up. Keep trying. You will definitely get it right.

Phulkas remain soft until next day, if ghee/clarified butter immediately when removed from griddle, and stored in a airtight box (after it cools down)


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  5. love them smeared with ghee, looks perfect, just keep looking at the first pics, it worries me " remove quickly, it will burn " hahaha...

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