Thursday, May 24, 2012

Coriander Rice / Kothamalli Sadam

I learnt this recipe from my sister, she is a wonderful cook. She experiments lot of recipes. Which ever recipe comes out good, she shares it with me, this is one such recipe.  It can be made in just 10 minutes, with left over rice. Can you believe it ??? yes !!! It is that easy. Normally I used to make lemon rice or curd rice with the left over rice, but my sister told me to try this recipe, and I simply loved it.  It's a very simple, quick & tasty rice variety. Here goes the recipe.....

Ingredients :

Left over rice/ Cooked rice - 1 Cup
Coriander Leaves - 1&1/2 Cup
Onion - 2 No's (Sliced)
Green chilies - 4 or 5 No's
Mustard Seeds - 1 Teaspoon
Urad Dal/ Black gram - 2 Teaspoon
Fried Cashewnuts - Few
Salt - As per taste.

Method :

You can use the left over rice if you have any or use the freshly cooked rice. Grind the coriander leaves to a smooth paste. Heat oil in a pan add mustard seeds, then add urad dal, fry till golden brown, add the onion, slit the green chilies and add, and fry till it becomes translucent, then add coriander paste and fry for 1 or 2 minutes. Then add the rice to it and mix well. Keep the flame in simmer and cook covered for 3 minutes. Lastly garnish with fried cashewnuts. Flavorful, tasty and simple coriander rice aka kothamalli sadam is ready to eat. Serve with chips or papad

Variation :

I have tried the same recipe with different variations, with mint leaves (pudina) instead of coriander and this pudina rice/sadam came out well.

You can use 3/4 cup coriander leaves and 3/4 cup mint leaves too and you can name it kothamalli pudina sadam / Coriander mint rice :-)
You can use basmathi rice too. Which makes the rice even more flavorful.


  1. this rice looks very very delicious

  2. Thanks Spice up the curry :-)

  3. I tried the coriander mint came out extremely well...we all enjoyed it....thanks for the great recipe

  4. It came out very well for me...excellent dinner that i had today...brilliant recipe..kuduos :)

  5. tried this with came out so well :) Thanks dearie :)


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